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2811, 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

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November 2017 Newsletter

2311, 2017

Parent notification

November 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on Parent notification

Letter detailing some important information for parents. New Post parent notification


The library is open four days a week for staff and pupils to access for study, book issue and research.  Mrs Picken (library assistant) is on hand to help with pupil and staff enquiries and Miss Milne (school librarian) will be in school every second Wednesday.

Ayr Academy School Library is now part of South Ayrshire Council’s public library system.  The school remains a separate unit but uses the same book-issue method and tickets that are currently in use in all other South Ayrshire Libraries.

This library card entitles pupils to all the privileges of the public library service including free access to online resources and e-books, plus access to the entire book stock of all public and school libraries in South Ayrshire (some restrictions apply to school stock).

All S1 pupils will receive a library induction at the start of term with refresher sessions available by request for other year groups.  S1 and S2 pupils will all have weekly library visits to allow them to take part in Accelerated Reader, a computer-based programme that encourages pupils to read books at an appropriate level and then challenges them with quizzes to test their understanding of what they have read.


Here you may find some helpful files from the department teachers for both Parents and Pupils to download and view.

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Sub-category : S1 - S3 Broad General Education
Sub-category : S4 - S6 Senior Phase