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2811, 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

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November 2017 Newsletter

2311, 2017

Parent notification

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Letter detailing some important information for parents. New Post parent notification


The Ayr Academy Music Department staff comprise of:

Miss Valerie Gibson (Principal Teacher)

Mrs Elizabeth Kelly (Principal Teacher of Guidance)

Miss Nicola McKinlay (0.4)

Ms Arlene McFarlane (Brass)

Ms Seonaid MacPherson (Percussion)

Mrs Elaine Reitveld (Woodwind)

Mr Paul Henderson (Guitar)

Mr Neil Thompson (Voice)

Miss Anna-Louise Burns (Upper Strings)

The Broad General Education course within the Music Department is hugely varied to support the development of skills in all areas of music training. Pupils are encouraged to learn a number of classroom instruments on a practical level, alongside learning music theory, music technology, composition and training their musical ear.

Senior Phase courses are split into two options;

  1. Music with Performance, delivered from N3 – AH level.
  2. Music Technology, delivered at N5 level.


Career Options

               Teacher               Journalism                 Performer           Composer

          Sound Engineer       Law         Retail          Conductor           Film Music

                Cruise Ship Entertainer          Music Therapist        Marketing

                      Lecturer         Historian          Military        Medicine


Here you may find some helpful files from the department teachers for both Parents and Pupils to download and view.

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Sub-category : S1 - S3 Broad General Education
Sub-category : S4 - S6 Senior Phase