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2811, 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

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November 2017 Newsletter

2311, 2017

Parent notification

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Letter detailing some important information for parents. New Post parent notification

Social Subjects

The members of Ayr Academy Social Subjects Department are Mr Miller (Principal Teacher & Modern Studies), Mr Gilmour (Geography), Mr Kennedy (Geography) and Mr Surgenor (History).

The Social Subjects Department offers a wide range of courses in both Broad General Education and the Senior Phase.

In S1 and S2, pupils study a variety of topics that further develop their knowledge of the world and develop key skills.

In S3, pupils can choose to further develop their Knowledge and Skills in one or more of the specific Social Subjects of Geography, History or Modern Studies.

In the Senior Phase, pupils can choose to follow National Courses (N3, N4 or N5) in Geography, History, Modern Studies and Travel & Tourism, or Higher courses in Geography, History and Modern Studies.

There are a number of career opportunities that pupils could opt for having completed a qualification from Social Subjects:

Geography can lead to a range of careers in areas such as cartography, town planning, surveying, renewable energy, teaching and the leisure and tourism industries.

History can open doors to many different careers and jobs including Research, Librarian, Lawyer, Politician, Teacher and many others.
Modern Studies teaches about world and social issues and decisions on how we are governed. Career opportunities include Politics, Law, Journalism, Police, Business Management and many others.


Here you may find some helpful files from the department teachers for both Parents and Pupils to download and view.