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Parents as Partners

Ayr Academy strives to form true partnerships with parents. Improving parent involvement is a priority on our improvement plan.

There are many ways in which we involve parents including:

1. Formal Meetings

P5-P7 Open Evening – September
S1 Parents’ Evening – December
S2 Parents’ Evening – March
S3 Parents’ Evening – February
S4 Parents’ Evening – October
S5/6 Parents’ Evening – November

Information Evenings (All Parents) – Monthly Calendar of specific events including CfE nights, Options, UCAS and Careers.

Parents will be notified of the event by letter and invited to attend. Text reminders are also sent out.

2. Informal Meetings and Other School Events

A number of activities are organised by the Parent Council and by members of staff, which are important parts of the school calendar. These include:

Parent Council – Christmas Fayre – December
School Concert – December, March

Details of these events are publicised via Parents Handbooks and Newsletters throughout the session.

3. Individual Contacts

Members of the Guidance Team will contact parents either by letter or telephone to discuss issues which may be affecting their child’s education. Parents may be invited to the school to discuss issues in more detail.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they are concerned about their child’s progress and opportunities can be arranged to meet with members of staff.

4. General Communication

E-mails, texts and newsletters are sent when appropriate. Website, Twitter.

5. Head Teacher Surgery

Dates announced in the Newsletter

Parents can take on active part in supporting their child’s learning by:

  • Promoting learning at home – ensure your child has a quiet appropriate space to complete homework and revise. Monitoring and signing their homework planner will alert you to which work needs to be completed
  • Improve the home/school partnership – attend Parent and Information Evening to seek advice on how to best support your child. Parent volunteers are also welcome to help at events and activities such as Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Parental representation – join our Parent Council. You do not need to take a “lead role” but your attendance and views would be greatly appreciated