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The guidance staff at Ayr Academy are also the named persons for all of our young people.

They work within our House Structure to support and encourage pupils to fulfil their potential.

Mr McGuigan – Carrick House

Mrs Byers – Kyle House

Mrs Kelly – Galloway House.

They have a wide and varied remit.

In terms of pupils they:

  • Ensure a smooth transition from primary by gathering a wealth of data from primary  staff, visiting pupils whilst they are still at primary and making up secondary classes which will allow all pupils to thrive
  • They are the first point of contact for pupils if any problem, no matter how small, may arise
  • Monitor closely every pupils attendance and timekeeping records
  • Monitor academic attainment and intervene if they feel a pupil is underachieving
  • Monitor achievement to ensure that pupils are actively engaged in a wide variety of activities both in and out of school
  • Deliver personal support lessons to all pupils in S1-4 for 1 period per week. Many relevant subjects are covered including developing the skills required for life, learning & work.
  • Delivery of Personal & Social Education to S5 & S6. This covers a wide range of topics including a variety of external speakers
  • Ensure each pupil receives up to date advice regarding their career aspirations including which curricular subjects they would be advised to choose at option times
  • Support pupils is gaining appropriate work placements at a time suitable to their learner journey
  • Support pupils in gaining positive destinations by giving them support to complete applications including applications for further and higher education and providing references when requested.
  • Liaise with other colleagues and professionals to ensure pupil’s needs are being met