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Ayr Academy currently has 3 houses, Carrick, Kyle and Galloway.

Annually, senior students can apply for the post of Captain and Vice-Captain of their house. They then face a rigorous interview process before appointment.

  • They have a wide variety of roles including:
  • Ensuring their house board is up to date regularly refreshing displays
  • Chairing the pupil council meetings with support from volunteer staff
  • Discussing issues arising at the pupil council meetings with staff including senior management
  • Feedback minutes of the meetings to their whole house at house assemblies
  • Involvement in the organisation of social and charitable events

Each class from S1 to S4 are also asked to nominate an individual who would best share their views at Pupil Council meetings. These are our classroom representatives.

Captains, Vice-Captains and class representatives meet regularly throughout each session to discuss matters which are important to pupils.

Pupil voice is very important in Ayr Academy and suggestions for improvement are always considered and adopted if feasible.


  • Katy Bostock Captain
  • Matthew Field Vice-Captain
  • 1C Caleb Rennie and Casey Goodwin
  • 2C Nathan Field and Jennifer Henry
  • 3C James Cook and Gemma Lawson
  • 4C Blair Smillie and Dayna Miller.


  • Tia Lindsay Captain
  • Bethany Bell Vice –Captain
  • 1G1 Thomas Snaddon  & Fern McGill
  • 2G1 Melissa Sloan & Dylan Nash
  • 3G1 Ayesha Kemp  & David McClung
  • 4G1 Nicole McNair & Euan Campbell


  • Megan Berretti Captain
  • Callum Eccles Vice-Captain
  • 1K Angel Burns & Donny McPike
  • 2K Brandon Sloan & Katie Cunningham
  • 3K Jae Scott & James Cooper
  • 4K Connell Green & Hayley Meikle